Monday, December 16, 2013

Thrice Denied

Yesterday we tried to go to the National Archeological Museum. Online it said that it was open until seven in the evening. When we arrived, we were told that the museum closed at four. The woman working at the museum told us that the next day it would be open until eight in the evening. Today we tried to go to the Acropolis around four. We arrived at the gate at four thirty and the woman told us that it closed at four thirty. We then decided to go back to Archeological Museum since we believed it would be open until eight. We walked fourtyfive minutes from the Acropolis to the Archeological Museum and when we tried to enter, the guard on duty (who had seen us the day before talking to the woman who told us what time the museum would be open until) told us that the museum was closed for a cultural event! We tried to tell him what we had experienced the day before, and since he remembered us he tried to get us in, but the man running the cultural event would not let us. Three times we have been denied, and on the morrow we will attempt it all again! Who knows if the museum will actually be open or not! Wish us luck.

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