Monday, November 11, 2013

More photos from Finca Salude

Barcelona and Gaudi

We met up with Bella's parents the second day in Barcelona and headed straight to La Sagrada Familia. That place is incredible! It seems so huge, but when you see the plans for it you can see that it is only a fraction of the way finished!!! 

The inside of the basilica is absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything to compare it to. The shapes are completely different and interesting in a completely new way. The stain glass windows shower the hall in different color light. Looking up all the pillars form what looks like a canopy in a forest, and the natural looking curves of the sides of the pillars remind you of the trunks of trees. 

Much of the outside of the cathedral looks like a drip sand castle, but the drips form the most intricate statues to recreate the scene of Christ's birth. Really cool and really beautiful. 

The next day we went to Park Guëll which was also very cool. In the same way that the southern Spanish cover their buildings with tiles, Gaudi used tiles throughout the park, but instead of using whole tiles he broke square tiles so that he could reform them to cover a curved surface instead of a flat one. Super duper cool! Great colors and interesting shapes.

We had dinner at the best tapas place I have ever been in my life! So deliciously scrumptious!! 

Not so farm girl chic

We had a snafu in Sevilla on our way to Barcelona. Instead of our tickets being for the 4th of November they were for the 20th. We tried to change our flight, but it became too expensive so instead we took a fast train from Sevilla to Barcelona. The only seats left on the train, and the cheapest we could find were first class tickets. We rode in style for five hours and were served a pretty tasty breakfast of eggs, goat cheese, and eggplant. The seats were large and comfy, with enough leg room for us to really stretch out. We arrived in Barcelona around 3:30pm and met up with our friend Cary Long. He helped us find our hostel and then we headed out for some delicious Korean BBQ!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

La Alhambra drawing

Over the past few days I've been working on this drawing inspired my one of the designs from La Alhambra. Here it is in a few of its phases. The final phase is still to come. The center seed shape still needs some detail, and the outer borders as well. 

First sketch.

Final sketch in pen.

Beginning detail.