Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dimitris Farm

We have been working on Kostas' farm for three weeks now, and it has been very different from the other two farms. Here we are digging around the grape vines to make room for the yearly fertilizer that Kostas put around each vine, building a patio, harvesting olives for oil, painting signs, and a few other tasks. It is not as varied as at Finca Salude, and it is better than all the chores we did at Isabel's farm in Ferrielola, but it is not quite as exciting work. The one day that I have so far enjoyed the best was when we harvested the olives for oil. Hard work when you harvest by hand, but rewarding!

A few pictures of the farm and the olive oil process.

Also, a week ago the mama goat had a baby!!!!!! Super duper cutie pie!!!!!

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