Monday, December 16, 2013

A Walking Tour of Athens

Today at nine thirty we went on a free walking tour of Athens. I have never been on a guided tour of the city before... Mostly I just wander by myself through a city and end up at the places I want to see. Usually I see lots of huge groups of tourists and think, "man, I really would hate to be a full blown tourist on a tour of the city!" This tour was great! The guide was very nice and extremely enthusiastic about the history and culture that he was explaining. We also had a very small group which was nice. He took us around the city and we visited what he though are the most important historical sites. I found that I remembered less of Greek mythology than I hoped, but more than he expected, which was nice. We did not go inside any of the museums or historical/archeological sites but he made sure to let us know that if we bought a ticket to the Acropolis we would also be buying entrance to all of the other sites. 

The entrance to the Roman Agora

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