Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sToP moTiON FiLm !

Today after lunch, which was deliciously curried squashy veggies and pork with a red wine sauce that Bella and I made, all of us at Finca Salude helped to make a short stop motion film about seeds. We used all seeds that we had collected from around the farm. Each of us helped in different ways, someone set up the original scene, someone collected seeds of different shapes and sizes for the scene, a few set up lights and cameras and other equipment, and one played with the cat. In the end we all had to lean over the table every few seconds to move the seeds we were each accountable for, while Bella snapped away at the camara. Some seeds moved beautifully, while some moved happily, some were smooth cruisers, and some jumped from frame to frame. There was much laughing,which scattered a few seeds, a fair amount of cursing, and many different opinions on how the film should be made. The resulting film will be one to see. If I ever see it, or have a way of getting a hold of it in the future I will be sure to share it with all of you!

Here is a photo of the main production team hard at work!

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