Monday, October 28, 2013


Saturday Bella and I spent 24 hours in Sevilla. We walked all around during the day, and I surprised myself by remembering where so many places were. I remembered how to get to the best little bakery, a few great bars, a restaurant I had only been to once, and many other things. 

I stood on my street calle asuncion, and looked up at the balcony I used to look out from. I cannot really explain the feelings that I experienced on Saturday. For most of the day I could not believe how much I still remembered, how much I had wanted to do, and now that I was back again I had the opportunity to do. I spent a lot of time at first feeling sad that the last time I had been in the same places I had been with friends that I have not seen for quite a long time. It made me miss them even more than when I was in the states. At the same time, being in all these places made me remember all the great times we had, and how much I learned from them. I went to all the places I could remember, surprising myself at how much I was actually able to remember. 

I took us to a restaurant I had only been to once, and was not sure if I would even be able to find again, but we made it and had a delicious dinner. 

Then I took us to a few of my favorite bars, including one where the dude who hands out discount cards at the door and the bartender both remembered me!!! I remembered them of course, but they see so many people each night incas certain that they would have forgotten me, after all it has been about two years since I was in Sevilla. For me to be able to return to a place in a foreign country, where I myself had made so many connections and find that there were people who had made a similar connection to me was quite an amazing experience. Over all, we spent a great 24 hours and I had one of the most literal walks down memory lane. NO8DO Sevilla!!!!

Rainbow on my shoulder on our way to Sevilla!

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