Monday, October 14, 2013

Last night we went to a bar

Last night, before Isabel returned from the beach Bella and I decided to go looking for the bar. Now you have to understand that there are no stores, no school, and no other buisnesses located in Ferreirloa. The closest business is about ten minutes walk from our apartment. It was a beautiful time of day to walk. The sun was just starting to go down, and it was lighting up the mountains behind us. We say quite a few beautiful things while we walked; wild blackberries, a tree that should not have been able to stand, a gorgeous view or two, kiwi's growing in someone's garden, grapes growing in the same garden, and a beautiful flower. We reached the bar and ordered a beer. We also decided to have a pizza, which was delicious. While we waited for the pizza we ate a few fresh almonds. Let me tell you! Those were the most amazing almonds I have ever eaten in my life!! So fresh, so buttery, and so full of flavor. I don't think I'll be able to eat imported almonds anymore. We had a glass of local wine with our dinner that I enjoyed very much, and then the bartender, whose name is Pablo, gave us a lovely shot of herb liqueur that cleaned the palette and refreshed us after the food started to put us to sleep. We walked home in the dark, but it wasn't really dark because the moon was bright enough for us to have shadows! We had a great time exploring and came home to fall right asleep!

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