Sunday, October 20, 2013

Noche en Blanco

Last night in Granada was what they called La Noche en Blanco. All over the old city there were performances, art exhibitions, music in the streets, and tons of people out at botellón. We missed most of the shows while at the gardens, but when we met up with Elena she took us to La Plaza Nueva where there was a band playing some great music. When they had finished a street band started playing. They were great. It got us all in the mood to dance so we left when they were done and headed in search of another place todance. We went to quite a few places, a bar that played great swing music, another that played eighties Spanish rock, and ultimately a techno dance club. The lastwe went  to just the two of us since Elena had to work in the morning which was a bummer because we we reading such a great time together. 
Needless to say, Bella and I like to dance, and dance we did, until 6:45AM! I haven't had a night out like this for almost two years, and it made me miss everyone I spent so much time with in Sevilla. 

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