Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finishing up in Ferreirola

Bella and I worked on Isabel's terreno for the rest of last week. We picked quince and pomegranates off the trees from her neighbor's farm. The quince we started to make into quince paste, which is so yummy! We ate pomegranates straight off the tree, which was really amazing because they taste so much better than any other pomegranates I've ever had in my life. 

Each night since the night we first stole the pomegranate Bella and I got into the habit of sneaking into peoples' yards to steal fruit. At first I felt a little bad about doing it, but we had been seeing so much fruit either rotting on the tree, or just rotting on the ground. I asked Isabel why people didn't pick the fruit and she said that it's because either the people that grow the fruit don't ever live in Ferreirola when it's ripe, or they don't care about the fruit, they just like to have the trees. After finding that out we felt less guilty about the stealing...
One night we stole into this one yard that we had to climb a stone wall to get into, and once we got on top of the wall, we had to use the fig tree that was right next to the wall to climb down into the yard. That night we stole figs, and a few apples. We tried to find pears, but they all seemed to be on the ground rotting. As we were preparing to leave, we heard people walking by on the street, so we ducked down and hid behind the wall for a while, trying not to giggle too loud. 
Thursday night we went out to the bar again, and walked home a little drunk. It was then that we decided to continue still our habit of stealing fruit. It started with climbing yet another stone wall to grab figs off a huge fig tree. The problem was, the best figs were rather high up and it was a little difficult to grab them. We managed in the end. Walking by the site of our previous theft I noticed that there was a metal tower type structure that when climbed made it possible to reach the yard atop the stone wall. Up we went, and in this yard we stole a few grapes, and I filled Bella's purse with chestnuts, much to her dismay... Giggling from all the wine we had drunk we realized that there was someone close by at the fountains who was looking In our direction. Being almost found out made us giggle even more, which made him even more curious as to what was going on. It took a few minutes of us holding our breaths and sneaking looks from behind our hiding tree before he left, and as soon as we were sure he was gone we booked it down the ladder structure and ran home... Although we laughed the entire way. 
Thus concludes the story of The Fruit Heists of Ferreirola. 

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